…To The Other.

Hello world Universe…

This is the other half the better half of Split Minds (ha!) blogging from a control room in the frozen apple.

I can’t reach the top of a soapbox. Too tall for me. I’ll use a breaking news banner instead. Much more effective.

(Helloooo Phoenix! :))


One Half Speaks…

Hello world. This is Phoenix, one half of Split Minds. I expound from my soapbox in the Land Down Under (currently).

So much to talk about, but so little time. Where to begin? Should we talk about Ash & Abhishek? Or the Older Bachchan getting a French award?

Shilpa Shetty, the new martyr for Brown-ness?

How the Indian Congress Government reverts to old style of rule, by repressing everything, and acting like a conservative parent? Yes, the World’s Sexiest Commercials on AXN will definitely corrupt our youth, and make them turn into lusty human being interested only in procreation…oh wait….1 billion people came from the stork.

Against. Our. “Culture”.

And there are the numerous times when I wanted to attack the Communists/Socialists, but felt the fire had died out of me.

I could talk about The Relationship, that caused me to delete my previous blog.

Or not.

Welcome to Split Minds. I don’t know if you’ll enjoy your stay, but maybe, we can get inside YOUR mind.