Ok, so this article in the BBC set off a cognitive alarm bell. I was thinking…hmmm, Boxing & a bunch of criminals…where have I heard of that before.

Well….this is where I’ve heard of it before…

And this is where most of India will see it…

Sigh. There will be a dog who swallows a squeaky toy.

I don’t who they’ll replace the “Pikeys”/Gypsies with in the Indian version.

I suppose the two black guys will be replaced by the comedian dude – I forget his name -Johnny something

Gullu seems to be “Bullet-Tooth Tony”‘s replacement.

Toss in a few songs, and redundant women, and you can no longer recognise that it’s a straight ripoff of Guy Ritchie’s hilarious original

Argh. Argh Argh.

 Ok…so….what? Doesn’t bollywood always plagiarise stuff? 

Yes, but I want to see if we can ruin a plagiarised movie’s chances by raising a ruckus in the Blogosphere.

Aren’t there greater causes out there worth fighting for?

Sure. Let greater people handle those greater causes (and the communists)

Dear Blogosphere,  (Amit Varma, Jabberwock, Greatbong, anyone else)

I would like to make a request. Could you please do two things: Raise a little awareness about Snatch (you know a review or two), and in passing mention that this fool’n’final shyte is a copy of it? Or just a post mentioning that it’s a ripoff. Pretty please? I want to see if we can actually cause any trouble for this movie.



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