A long long time ago..

The Mysterious Disappearance of TTG (Prologue)

(This part of the story is quite old & familiar to most of y’all)

In a blogosphere far, far away

there lived a blogger, going by the name of TTG. He was pretty obscure for the most part. Writing this and that, here and there. He made a few friends, and quite a few enemies. In fact, in his heyday, he made it onto the front page of the Delhi Times, that paragon of journalism.

Ah what heady days those were. Challenging the Compulsive Confessor, arguing (quite nastily) with the Typists, and other such odd adventures.

Eventually, however, the pace of blogging slowed. Why was this? Well, because TTG had got admission, into the Melbourne Business School. So, TTG rejoiced. He could finally leave his job as a 2-bit software engineer for a large Indian IT company, and move on to bigger better things. Hurrah. So TTG promptly quit his job, proceeded to get drunk and stoned every night, ran his beautiful Honda City over a loose stone on the Delhi-Gurgaon border, and lived to tell the tale. He lost the last of his family’s Old Guard, with the passing of his maternal grandmother (may she be having a Gol Gappa with the Great Chaat Bhandaar up there). And he drained his pitiful savings so that on the eve of his journey/yatra to Melbourne, his bank account promptly dropped to Zero.

Oh, and did somebody mention that 20 minutes before boarding the Jet Airways flight to Bombay, (The route was Delhi-Bombay-Sydney-Melbourne) he got an e-mail, from the Indian School of Business – telling him that he had got admission (this was his 3rd try).

Thus, the stage is set, for a not-very-interesting story. But blogs were built so that one may expound. Blogs were especially designed for megalomaniacs. And I am one. So there.

Thus ends the prologue, and we can jump right into the first part.


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