Fake gold


It seems that sometimes, when one half of the mind goes silent, the other soon follows. Without the other half to spar with, I guess there’s little to be said. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sorry I’ve been missing from action. I’ve emerged from my hell week at work, where the words “Anna Nicole Smith” are practically tattooed on sticky notes all over my work station. I know more about this woman’s life than what’s happening in Congress this week.

(This could so easily now turn into a blog on “why do we give a fudge about this woman?” but I’m not going to let it…)

Its been the week where my life is a group of pins neatly stacked, and someone keeps showing up to grab a ball, aim and let go… And at key moments this week, I’ve thought to myself – My life, as I know it, with its simplistic neatness is now about to be obliterated…


Other than work, I’ve also realized that I completely, utterly lack the motivation to get any studying done –

(mental note – write a blog about studying, working, and then trying to study again)

– is it like a… a… umm… a bowling ball? Once you’re in motion it’ll all come? But to get in motion you’ll have to crack a wrist first?

(I should really do some research actually and blog about the lack of the “math” gene in my DNA… Boo hoo hoo…)

Then there’s my hair. So, I’m now in the process of growing out my hair. What does this mean? It means no more sexy-Halle-Berry-look. No more sleek, took-me-less-than-2-mins-ha! kind of lavish living.

Instead my hairstyle these days looks more like a frat boy’s do. A frat boy who hasn’t combed his hair in years, and needs to constantly hide it under a hat. I hate hats. Hence I’m introducing the world to coiffure styles they didn’t even know existed.

(I should blog about… Never mind…)

Also the big apple has conveniently been dunked into the freezer for a couple months. Its great. There’s white shit everywhere — EVERYWHERE! And no one seems to want to clean it up. Don’t they pay people to do this anymore? The cold has a really adverse effect of my ability to do anything (it seems that the south indian genes of tolerating high heat but no cold came through just fine). ANYTHING.

I’m about as useless as a sack of door-knobs. Bah!

With that said, I’m intending on entertaining tomorrow night about the town, and I plan to hit every ‘favorite’ bar known to anyone I’ve ever met. That’s right — if we’ve met, and you mentioned you had a favorite bar you like to hang out at, guess what? I’m coooommmiiing..!!

Given that this city is full of ex-college friends, roomies, people-I’ve-met-through-online-dating, TV journalists I work with, trained with, don’t work with but wish I did… I actually have quite an extensive list.

So anyway. Yeah. That’s why I’ve been so incommunicado. I’m sorry. Are ya there, my other half? ๐Ÿ™‚

Silence on blogsites, isn’t golden.


And just why not Chicken Curry eh?

Chicken Curry is an inside joke – Shilpa was blasted for undercooking the chicken, and also because of the famous Chicken Stock fight.

“I love chicken curry” was her parting shot.

Second, at least publicly, Shilpa never cried Racism, unless you have access to news reports that i don’t. This is because she wasn’t privy to the bitchy talk behind her back. What caused the controversy to erupt, was the fact that an x amount of viewers were being forced to be watch an act of bullying, whether it was racist or not – which it was. She did reply back. In a “dignified” way. Which just made it all look worse.

“Shilpa Poppadum, Shilpa Fuckawala or whatever her name is”

Anybody who has had to endure bullying in school would recognise the incidents, for they seemed to be just like any high school anywhere. Were these incidents manufactured? Sure, could be. In which case, none of these people deserve to be B-Grade stars, and should be promoted for their performances.

Either way, everybody was forced into watching a woman become increasingly isolated, and to top it off, there were all these allusions to her race.

Now that being said, does this mean that the show producers should be prosecuted? No.

Should the show have been taken off air or banned? Nope. If anything, itย was a brilliant example of highlighting the plight of The Other. Anybody who has ever been the Odd One Out, in any situation would instantly empathise. Again, maybe all of this was manufactured. If it was, then kudos to those behind the manufacture because it looks like a textbook case of bullying that tends to occur in any place which has different races mixing.

As amusing as this may sound to people, I saw a little of myself in Shilpa, in the way that she was isolated and mistreated. You could do nothing right.

Again, all of this being said, this should all have been par for the course in Reality TV. But there’s just something about it all which makes the viewer feel like s/he was being forced into watching somebody being stabbed with a blunt knife. It was cringeworthy enough to evoke a response.

But there was no need for either the Government of India or of the UK to have gotten involved.

And then in the end, “Good” prevailed, and all is right with the world. So ends a storm in a teacup.

As this half of the Mind is a Northie, I’ll say this – I second Shilpa’s statement – Chicken Curry Rules ๐Ÿ˜›