Curried Chicken and other things..

So how can the shakahari half of SplitMinds not talk about this…




I’m hugely, terribly, royally offended.

How can the Indian winner of a TV show in London alienate more than a million people like that?

Did she not realize what she was saying? Was the spotlight that bright?

I don’t think its unfair to ask why she didn’t have a more politically correct answer to speak for all South Asian Brits. Infact, I think her lack of an appropriate response is why Channel 4 didn’t actually win the ratings hat for the night.

(That’s right. Her win wasn’t the most watched on British TV that night. I don’t know about you, but if I were EP for that show I’d sure be walking around… Well… Pretending it was).

But anyway — my point is, I’m offended. I wanted Shilpa to win. She did. And then this is how she thanks me? By siding with all the carnivores in the world? And wait, wait, wait… This is supposed to make her country proud?

I’m hurt. As is every other Gujju in London I’m sure. And every vegetarian in India too. Ironically the girl who cried racism is dividing her audience even more!

Pav bhaji rules too. So does Saag paneer. And how about dosas? Or idlees? Or bhel puri? What’s wrong with chapatis? She could have said, “Chapatis rule,” or even better –


I mean come on, what could possibly capture a country and its people better than dhaal? Its much more nutritious and healthier for you too. I worry about all those poor souls with animal-fat clogged arteries who after hearing Shilpa will undoubtedly reach for that last leg. Or breast.

And what about PETA? How do you think they feel with this whole, “lets attack the chickens” stance? Who’s being a bully now? Surely she would have learned from her time in that blasted house as to how wrong it is to alienate anyone- let alone an entire population who don’t consider “chicken” a food group.

Again. I’m offended.

 Okay, alright so the real real (real real) point is that Shetty scored *huge* with this whole “they’re all racist bullies” move resulting in massive amount of press coverage (apprently she’s now signed a Hollywood movie — honestly they should’ve given her a cooking show if she likes curry chicken that much). I’ve never seen the show so commenting beyond what I read is tough – but I wonder why no one from the British media has stepped forward to say, “hey – it’s a game. There’s money and a lucrative opportunity involved. I think we should all realize that if any of us were placed in a pressure cooker with bills dangling over our heads we’d all probably play rough too.”

I’m tempted to say, the girl who pulled the race card to win a game is on top (sounds too high-schoolish you say? Well, she went even further and called them “bullies…” What do you say to that?). I’m tempted to say, “well – why didn’t you just insult them back?” Oh, but then you probably wouldn’t have won…

Perhaps Shetty’s comments touched a nerve that was already throbbing – perhaps this is supposed to encapsulate all the stories of racism that we don’t hear about in the Indo-British community. Is that it?

And is the girl she called racist supposed to just disappear and hope no one notices her as she slinks away with no money or book offers? Did we (well, they) just ruin someone’s life to make a TV show? Okay granted, everyone knew going in what they were in for, but still…

Does it drive anyone else crazy that this story is getting so much press?

Azure/ SplitMinds.


There’s also vegetarian curry you know. Or she could’ve avoided this whole debacle and just said, “I love curry!”

Now, there’s a whole new meaning to the words, “curry muncher.” 🙂


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  1. jitu Says:

    be vegetarina now…..i luv green ……wow………pure veg

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