Okay. Now down to business:

We could also blog about “Water” now courting Uncle Oscar. I saw “Pan’s Labyrinth” this past weekend and absolutely loved it.

(Sidenote – Mehta’s apparently wearing a gold (or gold-ish) sari to the Oscars. I really want to say, “girl forget the colour of the sari — who’s doing your makeup? Specifically your eye-makeup?!”)

More importantly we could talk about why I don’t really want “Water” to win…

And yes – there’s Ash & AB baby. Its astounding how you can travel globe, pick up a newspaper or flip on the TV and its the same crap. Just a different language and a different channel. If its not Brangelina its Ash-Abhi.

Short of how many stairs they climb at each of these temples, I could probably recite everything else off my fingertips given the amount of press they’re given.

To that effect – The Shilpa Shetty debacle is overrated. Get a life. Move on.

Actually I can’t really complain about the media vultures given that I belong to the same club (but hey, I sit at a different table). You know what I should really blog about – how much more cynical and somewhat jaded and therefore more – Well you get the point – I’ve become since I started working in the media in the Big Apple.

(Phoenix – you could add on and tell us how much more fabulous you’ve become now that you’re coming out of B-school… Oooh la la… :))

Tonight for example, I couldn’t tell you the major headlines from around world but I know what time, what channel, who has the best previews, who’s covering the red carpet and who’s wearing who that SAG awards are happening.

(Ok, largely because it interferes with my programming but still… I should be able to rattle off the headlines to you… Isn’t this why I joined televison? (Actually no, but that’s a seperate story altogether)).

And I guarantee that its pretty much the same for every other American out there. Whats worse is we’ll REFERENCE the SAG awards tomorrow DURING NEWS COVERAGE… Like its a NEWS story…


BTW — Why did you stop blogging? 😉


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